eEye adds mobile scanning and virtual-application scanning to Retina CS

Irvine, California-based vulnerability management vendor eEye Digital Security has released its latest revision of Retina CS, as well as a free edition of its software, Retina CS Community. Retina CS 2.6 boasts several new features to better manage the vulnerability management process. Exploit mappings from Core Impact, Metasploit and Exploit DB are now provided in an easy-to-read Heat Map with one-click drilldown to details. A new assets view with access to detailed information across vulnerabilities, ports, services, users, malware and attacks is now much easier to access. The product also includes an improved asset organization and optimized scanning capability using a nested group hierarchy. The allocation of scan jobs to pools of scanners and the locking of certain scanners to defined groups is another new addition that large organizations will likely appreciate. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Retina’s CS 2.6 release, however, is its support for the scanning of mobile devices and virtualized applications. (more)

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