The OSSEC Host-based Intrusion Detection Guide (Syngress, ISBN 9781597492409)

Named one of Richard Bejtlich’s “Best Books Bejtlich Read in 2008“!!!

Once you start using OSSEC, especially with the WebUI, you’ll become a log addict. OSSEC HIDS Guide (OHG) is your ticket to taking OSSEC to the next level, even though a basic installation will make you stronger and smarter.Richard Bejtlich, Director of Incident Response, General Electric

It is a great book. It is very important for system and security administrators who are [responsible] for protecting assets in their infrastructure.Mauro Cesar B. Cid

This book is a must have for any security engineer’s bookshelf and a quick way to get you on the road to compliance using powerful and FREE software.Kurt Hinson, WAN Administrator at the City of Tucson

There is so much that OSSEC can do that isn’t discussed in detail on the OSSEC wiki or in the mailing list digests; which is where this book comes in. If you have a large, complex, or unique environment you wish to install OSSEC in, I would highly recommend you get this book.Chuck Little, Security Consultant at Security Horizon

I bought this book for 2 reasons. One was as a main reference for a term paper I am writing in the Masters program I am taking at ECU and the other was to learn more about this open source HIDS for my own personal use. The book, I feel, goes into great detail about the software from the download to writing a policy. Most books will not say anything about a policy, they just talk about the software and leave you at that. If you are using, thinking about using or want to learn about HIDS then I suggest buying this book. A big bonus is that Daniel Cid is one of the authors. Most books may only reference the creator of the software, few actually have the creator as an author. Awesome book. “Goofy Foot”


Nagios 3 Enterprise Network Monitoring (Syngress, ISBN 9781597492676)

This book is just what I’ve been looking for to better understand Nagios v.3.0+ from an Enterprise perspective and it does an excellent job of explaining the new techniques. Austin W. Matthews

This is a great book for anyone using Nagios as more than a casual user, and is still very informative for the casual user. A few of these chapters alone would be worth the price of the whole book.Joel Goguen

This book doesn’t explain basic configuration (e.g. “Here’s what the ‘check_interval’ parameter does…”) Instead, it goes into more advanced issues like ways to handle SNMP traps, Windows monitoring and scalability.

This is the first book that deals specifically with Nagios v3 and its new features, so I would recommend it on that item alone. Many important changes were made since v2 and I’m glad its getting documented. – “Jimmy the Geek”


Nokia Firewall, VPN, and IPSO Configuration Guide (Syngress, ISBN 9781597492867)

The Nokia Firewall, VPN, and IPSO Configuration Guide and companion Web site will provide seasoned network administrators and security professionals with the in-depth coverage and step-by-step walkthroughs they require to properly secure their network perimeters and ensure safe connectivity for remote users. The book contains special chapters devoted to mastering the complex Nokia IPSO command line, as well as tips and tricks for taking advantage of the new “ease of use” features in the Nokia Network Voyager Web interface. In addition, the companion Web site offers downloadable video walkthroughs on various installation and troubleshooting tips from the authors. – Editorial Review

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  1. OSSEC HIDS Guide indeed a great book. This book is quite handy for system and security administrators who are protecting assets in their infrastructure. I’ve enjoyed reading such nice review of this book. Thanks.

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