Clear-cutting or selective harvesting? TIBCO brings LogLogic out of the woods

TIBCO Software has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire log and security management vendor LogLogic. The company says that adding the San Jose-based log player will expand TIBCO’s operational intelligence offerings while enabling customers to monitor real-time events, assess risks and address emerging threats and opportunities. TIBCO claims that LogLogic will build on its capabilities in event processing and in-memory analytics to provide additional compliance, security and operational visibility.

TIBCO’s reach for LogLogic marks the third significant SIEM acquisition by a publicly traded buyer in the past half-year. However, it is the first recent purchase by a company that didn’t have an existing security offering. (The earlier pickups of Q1 Labs and NitroSecurity, which printed on a single day in early October, were made by IBM and McAfee, respectively.)

According to our understanding, LogLogic’s trailing sales would put it between the two SIEM startups that were acquired last fall. We estimate that 10-year-old LogLogic, which counted some 1,000 customers, generated just under $40m in revenue last year. LogLogic’s growth rate may also not have been as healthy as NitroSecurity or Q1 Labs’. We suspect that may also be reflected in the multiple that LogLogic got in its sale. While Q1 Labs fetched almost 9 times trailing sales and NitroSecurity got more than 5x trailing sales, we would put the multiple for LogLogic below that. Loosely, we would pencil out the purchase price, which wasn’t disclosed by TIBCO, at somewhere in the neighborhood of $125m.

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