About Andrew Hay

Andrew Hay is an information security industry veteran with close to 20 years of experience as a security practitioner, industry analyst, and executive. As the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at DataGravity, Inc., he advocates for the company’s total information security needs and is responsible for the development and delivery of the company’s comprehensive information security strategy.

Andrew has served in various roles and responsibilities at a number of companies including OpenDNS (now a Cisco company), CloudPassage, Inc., 451 Research, the University of Lethbridge, Capital G Bank Ltd. (now Clarien Bank Bermuda), Q1 Labs (now IBM), Nokia (now Check Point), Nortel Networks, Magma Communications (now Primus Canada), and Taima Corp (now Convergys).

Andrew is frequently approached to provide expert commentary on security-industry developments, and has been featured in such publications as Forbes, Bloomberg, Wired, USA Today, International Business Times, Sacramento Bee, Delhi Daily News, Austin Business Journal, Ars Technica, RT, VentureBeat, LeMondeInformatique, eWeek, TechRepublic, Infosecurity Magazine, The Data Center Journal, TechTarget, Network World, Computerworld, PCWorld, and CSO Magazine.

After weeks of biting my tongue I can finally let everyone know that I have accepted a security analyst position in Bermuda and am leaving Q1 Labs. Over the past 3.5 years I learned more about log and flow management than I would have learned at any other job. My work at Q1 Labs inspired me to author 3 books, seek out new certifications, meet new and interesting people, and expand my overall knowledge of security. Every now and then a career opportunity comes around that you simply cannot say no to. This job in Bermuda is just that kind of...

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One question I hear all the time is "If I enable the exporting of Netflow on my router or switch, will it impact performance?" Yes it will, but usually not by enough to discourage you from including Netflow datagrams in your network analysis plans. According to this document, released by Cisco, if you have...

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