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Cloudy with a chance of data loss

Our friends over at Blue Coat Systems recently released the H2 2015 Shadow Data Report highlighting research conducted by the company’s Elastica Cloud Threat Labs team. Using data from 63 million enterprise documents stored within …

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CloudPassage releases API to better integrate with third-party systems

The company has updated its Halo platform with a firewall API, providing third-party vendors command and control over the company’s management and provisioning capabilities. Although the company has no aspirations to be an all-encompassing management console, CloudPassage admits that the API will let them better integrate with ESIM, GRC and traditional on-premises firewall change and configuration management vendors – relationships it is actively seeking.

Dome9 comes out of stealth with firewall management for cloud systems

Tel Aviv-based Dome9 has released a cloud-centric firewall management platform for hosted Microsoft Windows and Linux operating system native firewalls. Targeted at enterprise users and hosting providers, Dome9 aims to make security policy control for cloud, virtual and physical servers, in addition to Amazon’s EC2 Security Groups, easier to agnostically manage across all major operating systems and service providers.

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