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Security/Log Analyst Opening at Q1 Labs Inc.

q1Position: Security Analyst

The Security analyst will be responsible for providing expertise with analysis of a variety of security and network technologies in order to integrate these 3rd party products with our technology. The candidate will need working knowledge categorizing logs and extending the information from these devices to correlate information about potential vulnerabilities etc. Working within a small team, the successful candidate must have a strong work ethic, the ability to work as part of a team, and work within a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

• Have experience with a variety of security and network technologies, applications, operating systems, and databases. Knowledge of how all of these devices work and communicate within a networked environment is essential.
• Strong scripting skills
• System and application development experience a plus
• Understanding of log transport protocols (syslog, snmp, etc)
• Bachelor and/or Masters Degree in a related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

• Work closely with product management and the integration team to identify, categorize and correlate events from a variety of devices.
• Continuously monitor vendor websites, discussion forums, and technical publications to identify new products and updates.
• Match device events to known vulnerabilities.
• Maintain a collection of sample logs, attributes, documentation and configurations from third party devices and implement a database to share that information with other members of the organization.
• Work with the team to improve the product quality and processes.
• Identify new rules and reports to identify important events within and across networked devices.

Required Skill Set:
• At least 4 years experience in system administration or IT Security field.
• Experience with Perl and Java
• Experience working within a Linux environment
• Flexible, able to adapt to changing requirements, scope, and schedule.

Please send me an email if you’re interested at andrewsmhay(shift-2)gmail.com.

Kraken Botnet Infiltration Triggers Ethics Debate – Quoted in eWeek

bullhornI spoke with Ryan Narine last night about my ethical obligations towards shutting down botnets if I had, or had somehow obtained, the power to. I basically equated the prospect to “vigilante justice” and took the moral high-ground on the topic. I don’t believe that individuals should be solving this issue on their own. Ryan mentioned that we’ve been doing the exact same thing for years and botnets are worse than ever (paraphrasing). Regardless, we, as private citizens, do not have the right to invade others privacy to do what we think is best for them. My quote from the article:

Andrew Hay, product manager at Q1 Labs, a network security management company, said the concept of tampering with a user’s machine without consent, even if it’s to remove malicious software, is “ethically questionable.”

“I couldn’t in good conscience send any command to a machine without the user’s knowledge and approval,” Hay said. “Ethically speaking, we just can’t make that decision regardless of if it’s right or whether it’s the best thing to do for the good of the Internet.”

The full article can be seen online here (my part is the last two paragraphs on the second page).

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