I’m Sorry I Called Your Baby Ugly … But It Is

I like to use technology that is intuitive, solves a problem, and is a “fit” for me. On the other hand, I also like technology that is aesthetically pleasing. Some vendors have managed to deliver on my requirements, which is why I own several Apple products, buy the same brand of suit, and rarely drink domestic beer. But when it comes to security products — namely the user interface (UI) of security monitoring products — I am often disappointed and left wanting.

I speak to numerous vendors across different product sectors on a daily basis, so sometimes my disappointment in their UIs squeaks past my gritted teeth. I do my best to provide constructive criticism based on what I hear from customers, friends, and similar vendors, but the receiving vendor often takes offense. I understand. I called its “baby” ugly. Unlike an ugly baby whose appearance is usually beyond the control of its parents, security UIs can be made better.

Check out my post at the Dark Reading Security Monitoring Tech Center.

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