Follow-up From a Company, It’s CTO, and his people…

airtightOn my Suggested Blog Reading – Tuesday May 1st, 2007 post I received a rather pleasent note from Pravin Bhagwat, Chief Technology Officer of AirTight Networks defending the AirTight technology that was slammed by David Maynor in his blog post here.

Not only did I receive the note but I also received a pleasant email from Della Lowe, Director of Public Relations for AirTight Networks confirming that I received the comment on my post. I was very impressed that the company, while running “damage control”, also took the time to track down the bloggers who mentioned the original article. Well done Google Alerts, I guess you’re not just for my vain self-searches anymore.

In my post I stated that David’s comments were a “good assessment” of the products capabilities. What I should have said was “good article but I’ll reserve judgment until I get a chance to try it myself.”

I’ve never been convinced that a wireless intrusion technology could work effectively but I’m certainly open to being proved wrong. Thank you AirTight for taking the time to contact the “little guy”….well maybe not “little”….I guess 6 foot 4, 300+ isn’t all that little 🙂

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