Suggested Blog Reading – Friday May 25th, 2007

ReadThere’s just something about having to get up at 4:15am to get on a plane that kind of ruins your day.

Here’s the list:

Enhanced Operating System Identification with Nessus – I’m in favor of finding better ways to profile OS’…how about you?

Tenable’s Research group recently introduced a highly accurate form of operating system identification. This new method combines input from various other plugins that perform separate techniques to guess or identify a remote operating system. This blog entry describes this new process and shows some example results .

Prefetch Analysis – I’ve never known so much about something I previously knew nothing about 🙂

I’ve seen a couple of posts recently on other blogs (here’s one from Mark McKinnon) pertaining to the Windows XP Prefetch capability, and I thought I’d throw out some interesting stuff on analysis that I’ve done with regards to the Prefetch folder.

Essential Bluetooth hacking tools – I can honestly say that I haven’t run into a situation where I’ve had to test and/or analyze Bluetooth devices yet. At least I now know where to get some tools.

If you are planning to gain a deeper understanding of Bluetooth security, you will need a good set of tools with which to work. By familiarizing yourself with the following tools, you will not only gain a knowledge of the vulnerabilities inherent in Bluetooth-enabled devices, but you will also get a glimpse at how an attacker might exploit them.

VMware Security and NAT Problems – This is the first I’ve heard of such problems.

As helpful as VMware is I can honestly say that it has caused me quite a bit of grief lately. My feelings of frustration have mainly been my fault but tonight I also received a warning to update to the latest version of VMware Workstation. And when Ed Skoudis tells you to update immediately I listen, as should you.

The problems with VMware started on Tuesday when the culmination of the SANS Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling started. During the last week of this SANS @Home course the whole class is given access to a virtual lab which contains a vulnerable environment for the hacking. As it is a training situation Ed provides detailed instructions on how the students are suppose to set up their attacking systems. I spent the better part of that night and the next night hacking with a team and individually. I thought that I would do really well but in the end I just could not get anything to work correctly.

Recovering a FAT filesystem directory entry in five phases – Good article to cap things off.

This is the last in a series of posts about five phases that digital forensics tools go through to recover data structures (digital evidence) from a stream of bytes. The first post covered fundamental concepts of data structures, as well as a high level overview of the phases. The second post examined each phase in more depth. This post applies the five phases to recovering a directory entry from a FAT file system.

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