Announcing My New Job

Well the cat is finally out of the bag. As announced yesterday at SOURCE Boston I will be joining The 451 Group as the Senior Analyst primarily responsible for the SIEM, Log Management, GRC, Forensics, Vulnerability Analysis, and Penetration Testing portfolios…and I couldn’t be more excited!!!

To answer the usual questions:

  1. No, I’m not moving (at least not in the next 6 to 12 months). My new job affords me the ability to work remotely
  2. Yes, you’ll still see me at conferences. In fact, you might see me at more conferences 😉
  3. Yes, I’ll keep blogging…well as (in)frequent as ever I suppose
  4. Yes, my wife is thrilled…and I’m sure the dogs will be too since I’ll be home 99% of the time

The 451 Group is an independent technology-industry analyst company focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation. The company’s analysts provide critical and timely insight into the market and competitive dynamics of innovation in emerging technology segments. Clients of the company—at vendor, investor, service-provider and end-user organizations—rely on The 451 Group’s insight to support both strategic and tactical decision-making for competitive advantage.

What does this mean exactly? Well it means that we help people make better, and more informed, decisions about their purchases and investments. You’ll be hearing more from me over the coming weeks but I’m so excited about this opportunity right now that I’m having a very difficult time articulating it.

Stay tuned!

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