Suggested Blog Reading – Wednesday June 13th, 2007


Here’s the list:

FBI aims to disrupt bot masters – Well one is in Texas so maybe we’ll see some stiff jail time.

The FBI announced on Wednesday that an ongoing cybercrime initiative, dubbed Operation Bot Roast, has identified more than a million PCs compromised with bot software and resulted in charges against three people for violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Darknet Videos – I love this idea. People don’t always understand the importance of security unless you present it to them in a way they can relate to.

I was thinking that the darknet authors should create videos when they write about different tools… It should be fun to see presentations… and also would bring darknet more hits…
I made a video for my previous article, and uploaded it to youtube: stealth techniques – syn

Classified US Intel Accidently Leaked via Powerpoint – If this isn’t a reason for implementing extrusion prevention policies I don’t know what is.

This is why these powerpoint slides should be made into .pdfs or flash presentations! The leak occurred via the data object used to create one of the slide graphs. Here’s the original article:

By reverse engineering the numbers in an underlying data element embedded in the presentation, it seems that the total budget of the 16 US intelligence agencies in fiscal year 2005 was $60 billion, almost 25% higher than previously believed.

10 reasons why the Black Hats have us outgunned – I think one of the items missing from the list is that it’s just not cool to be on the defensive. The perception has always been that being the blackhat cowboy is more fun that being the security pro sheriff.

So, you want to be a hacker? It’s as easy as…

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