Suggested Blog Reading – Tuesday July 10th, 2007

ReadEven though I felt recharged yesterday I was still quite tired from the flying and the “relaxing” over the weekend. I’m starting to get back into the swing of things so expect posts to get back to normal frequency.

Here’s the list:

My New and Fun Fun Fun Role! – Well it looks like Anton has himself a new role and title. I hope he fares better than Martin did when he moved into an evangelist role.

I have a sneaking suspicion that not everybody checks my site regularly. And that’s OK – you need to check my blog, not the site 🙂

However, if you do check the site, you might have noticed that my position title has changed! My new position is … drum-roll … Chief Logging Evangelist.

Yes, I joined the ranks of “evangelists” which take its origin from Guy Kawasaki.

Am I excited? That would be the understatement of the year!

Nduja Cross Domain/Webmail XSS Worm – Webmail XSS Worm??? Interesting and a little scary considering how much people rely on webmail these days.

Rosario Valotta sent me an email today describing a webmail XSS worm he has written – the first I am aware of that is cross domain. There has been a few webmail worms, like Yamanner but nothing quite like this. Rosario picked four Italian webmail services,,,, and and built a worm that works across all four domains.

Pentagon E-mail System HACKED – “What can we do to take the heat off of DHS for failing so miserably on their audit??? Wait…let’s disclose a huge hack that occurred at the Pentagon…that’ll get them off our backs!”

The Pentagon got owned pretty hard with 1,500 accounts being taken offline due to a hack attack. For once however they did admit the incident and didn’t try to cover it over or brush it off.

I guess the amount of attacks they get is exponentially more than other networks…but still, I would have thought they should be super secure.

IT Security Specialists See Salaries Rise in First Half – I love seeing articles like these considering friends and colleagues in the industry are not seeing the same thing. Who are these people getting all of these raises all the time anyway?

Demand for highly trained and certified IT security professionals is forcing CIOs and IT managers to shell out higher salaries, and to adjust their budgets to meet the increased security expectations of their customers and their executive management teams.

In the past six months, salaries for certified IT workers rose 2 percent, bucking a yearlong trend in declining pay for IT certifications, according to a report issued this week by IT work force research firm Foote Partners.

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