Dark Reading Post: A National Monitoring Infrastructure

My latest Dark Reading post over at the Security Monitoring Tech Center has been published. The post postulates the feasibility of orchestrating a national monitoring infrastructure as a huge collaborative endeavor – and asks if would be possible to bring both private and public data under government oversight.

From the article:

If the national-level collection infrastructure were limited to a cyber-security mandate, however, military branches, in addition to government and intelligence agencies, could wield a national ESIM to better defend their interests. Once implemented, this national ESIM could expand to encompass public utilities and the military industrial base of defense contractors and SIs with which it partners to further national interest. Really, any organization or vendor with ties to government’s defense could be directed to submit to a national ESIM mandate in the best interest of the country’s defense. A major obstacle to hurdle is that many departments, divisions and federal entities rely on their own ESIM deployments to manage the cyber-security concerns within their own small spheres of control.

Read the full post here: http://www.darkreading.com/security-monitoring/blog/229403129/a-national-monitoring-infrastructure.html

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