Some interesting blog posts this week

Well, not all this week but at least some blog posts that I’ve had in my hopper to read.

  • FedEx CIO Sees Analytics Driving a World of Enterprise ChangeA pressing need to leverage massive amounts of Big Data in the name of business agility has put shipping giant Federal Express on the path toward re-engineering most of its enterprise applications.
  • A Buyer’s Guide to Cloud Apps InfographicCloud applications are becoming more popular and prominent than ever and they aren’t going anywhere. Working in the cloud makes sense as it allows for greater efficiency and easier collaboration. But before you make any purchases it certainly pays to do some research. Take the time to clearly understand how much you’re paying, what you’re paying for and pay close attention to what each service guarantees, they might make a bigger difference than you think. We created this infographic to help guide you through the process, enjoy!
  • PHP State of the Stack: A New Benchmarking ReportA sample of approximately 1,800 [New Relic] PHP customers to see what versions they are using, what frameworks they are on and what Drupal modules they’ve plugged in.
  • Thales: Sensitive data is now moving to the cloudEighty-two percent of firms would transfer sensitive data into the cloud, despite security fears, research suggests.
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