If you do not have anything intelligent to say…

My mother always told me that if I “didn’t have anything nice to say” that it was better to say nothing at all. The same can be said about outlandish and unintelligent claims.

Case in point, Kim Schmitz (whom I refuse to refer to as Kim Dotcom because, frankly, it’s stupid) on his launch of “Mega”:

“Mega doesn’t use any existing technology. The servers were built from the ground up so there is no way that they can be exploited because it’s our own technology.” Additionally, Kim said that “everyone involved in building the site has a background in information security” which meant a lot of care had gone into building security in from the start.

Really? It doesn’t use “existing technology”? There is “no way that they can be exploited”?

Sorry mom, I couldn’t help myself.

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