Content on the Log Analysis Professionals Site

LAPWith my book finally into the publisher I have some time to work on the other projects I orphaned, like the Log Analysis Professionals site. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Log Analysis Professionals site was created at the request of several members of the Log Analysis Professionals LinkedIn group to provide a common meeting place to discuss ideas, trends, and techniques regarding logging and log analysis. Through this site we will attempt to build a community of log analysis enthusiasts and professionals.This site was not created to replace existing sites that offer log collection and analysis information but rather as a virtual coffee shop to exchange ideas. I don’t want people thinking this is another flash-in-the-pan website dedicated to log analysis. This site’s main purpose is to support the LinkedIn group that bears its name.

As you can see from the posts on the site, we now have several contributors. Most recent additions include Rory Bray, Dr. Anton Chuvakin, and Harlan Carvey. We’re also looking for more contributors. Hey, this is a community of professionals after all. If you’re interested in signing on as a contributor, please email andrewsmhay/at/ and I’d be happy to provide you with an overview.

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