New Tool: web2intel


Script to fetch malicious domain and URL lists from sites that publish RSS feeds or raw HTML pages.


To obtain the tool, please visit and download the associated files or simply run the following command at your command prompt:


Supported Lists


./web2intel.rb <option> <extras> 

For command syntax, please visit the GitHub repository.

Example 1 – Domains only

$ ./web2intel.rb --sucuri_iframe
#Title: Sucuri Research Labs Hidden iframes list
#2014-07-20 15:08:14 -0700
....list of domains....

Example 2 – Full URLs

$ ./web2intel.rb --sucuri_iframe --urls
#Title: Sucuri Research Labs Hidden iframes list
#2014-07-20 15:08:42 -0700
....list of URLs....


For any questions, bugs, or concerns, please use the GitHub issue submission system and/or reach out to @andrewsmhay on Twitter.

© Andrew Hay, 2014

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