OpenDNS to Host the No Big Thing (NBT) Conference

logoWith BayThreat 2014 being cancelled, OpenDNS has offered to host the first day of the two day No Big Thing (NBT) conference. In a short time, the organizers of the event have had an amazing group of speakers, sponsors, and volunteers help organize a great hacker conference.

The event is currently at capacity but there is a waitlist that anyone can add themselves to.

The event includes two days of advanced information security presentations, food, drinks, and a hallway track for socializing. Starting Friday, December 5th at 2:00pm PST, OpenDNS opens its doors to kick off the conference at 135 Bluxome Street.


Friday, December 5th at OpenDNS (135 Bluxome St, San Francisco, CA 94107)

2:30-3:30Richo Healy“Audible networking with Groundstation”
3:30-4:30MainBoard“point bREak : trolling BBS applications and users back in the 90s”
4:30-5:00Jason Craig“SIGINT isn’t just for the government anymore”
5:00-6:00Speaker TBATopic TBA
6:00-6:30Provided dinner break
6:30-7:00Ping Yan“Applied statistics and machine learning techniques on in-app events”
7:00-8:00Alex Pinto“From Threat Intelligence to Defense Cleverness: A Data Science Approach”
8:00-10:00Provided tacos and cerveses
10:00-?Hosted party at bar TBA


Saturday, December 6th, the conference is being hosted at the Salesforce office (121 Spear St, San Francisco, CA 94105) starting at 10:00am.

10:00-11:00Kymberlee Price“More Libraries! More Vulnerabilities! More Things!”
11:00-12:00Morgan Marquis-Boire“Eve, Mallory, and Jack Bauer: Real threats for RealPeople”
12:00-12:30Ben Sadegh“How bug bounty hunters do and don’t”
12:30-1:00Provided lunch
1:00-2:00Wartortell“The trials and tribulations of an APTmalware author”
2:00-3:00John Menerick“Breaking or Protecting the Internet’s BuildingBlocks”
3:00-4:00TBA + break
4:00-5:00Dan Hranj and Josh Schwartz“Red vs Blue”
5:00-6:00Evan Booth“MacGyveresque creative problem solving”
6:00-8:00Provided dinner and drinks
8:00-10:00Hosted party at bar TBA
10:00-?Cash Bar Crawl (check Twitter for location updates)


Each evening will have a hosted happy hour and dinner with an afterparty at a local bar. We hope to see you there!

Check out our the official Twitter account for the latest announcements: @nbtcon.

For directions to OpenDNS, please use the following map for a point of reference:

Screenshot 2014-12-01 10.01.31

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