Visualizing 2014 Attack Data

Leveraging the data and threat intelligence derived from our massively distributed and global DNS infrastructure, OpenDNS saw more than 2% of the world’s Internet connections, blocked more than 80,000,000 malicious requests per day, and ensured quick and reliable DNS resolution for more than 50 million active users daily in 196 countries.

As a result we at OpenDNS Security Labs had a unique view of the year’s prominent security events. As we prepared last year we decided to release a stunning Visualizing Attack Data microsite covering 8 of the most prominent security happenings in 2014. Though this is not a complete list of every security-related event in 2014, we believe it to represent a great sampling of some of the most publicized and prominent events that affected the Internet at large.

All of the visualizations were constructed with OpenGraphiti, our free and open source 3D data visualization engine for data scientists to visualize semantic networks, and OpenDNS data. More information on how to use OpenGraphiti can be found at

Without further adieu, we present to you the 2014 Visualizing Attack Data site…

Visualizing Attack Data


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