The Andrew Hay Butterfly Effect

Have you ever thought that your actions impacted more than your immediate surroundings? I’m really starting to think that the books that I author trigger some sort of butterfly effect. Take, for example, the OSSEC Host-Based Intrusion Detection Guide. About a month after the book hits the shelves, the OSSEC project is bought up by Third Brigade. Now this results in a positive, especially for Daniel Cid the creator, but nevertheless a strange coincidence.

The Nokia Firewall, VPN, and IPSO Configuration Guide, the latest book I was involved with which has yet to be published, hasn’t even made it out of the printers yet and today Nokia announces that it is selling off its firewall business. From the article:

Nokia said on Monday it would focus its services development on consumers rather than businesses. Nokia said it was in advanced talks to sell its security appliances business to a financial investor, while it would halt development and marketing of its “behind-the-firewall” corporate software. The measures will affect in total around 700 staff, it said.

Nothing, to my knowledge, has resulted from the publishing of the Nagios 3 Enterprise Network Monitoring book but I do not yet know the full extent of my powers. To the 700 Nokia staff who are impacted by this phenomena…I apologize but I didn’t know what writing that book would do to the universe.

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