The Value of a University Degree

duhI frequently get into heated casual debates over which is more valuable, a technical certification or a University degree. Based on the following article I guess I was wrong all along. It turns out that simply having a piece of paper, that appears to be from a valid institution, is good enough. From the article:

Worldwide, fake degrees are a billion dollar industry, even threatening government security, investigators say.

Last week, an undercover Star investigation exposed Peng Sun, a York University grad who forges university degrees from real Canadian universities for $4,000. Sun’s client list was not available, but the Star obtained a list of Canadians who bought fake degrees from an American diploma mill busted three years ago by the U.S. Secret Service and Homeland Security.

Maybe it’s time that people change their interviewing techniques and perform proper background checks. So many hiring managers are blinded when they see a fancy degree that they don’t perform the necessary background checks.

All I can say is “HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!”

I hope that this makes people think twice before judging people based on their “Academic Paperwork”.

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