Attacks reported to SANS ISC in the last 5 minutes

A little flash movie showing a sample of traffic submitted to dshield within the last 5 minutes

The width of the line represents the number of packets sent between the two countries:
1 pixel: < 10 2 pixel: < 100 3 pixel: < 1000 4 pixel: < 10000 Note that at this time, there is no 'direction' indicated. The arcs are just connecting source and destination. Any motion is created by your viewer. Assume that countries from which a lot of lines originate are the country of the destination submitting the reports. The color indicates the packet type based on the following classification: Blue: Not categorized. Red: Well known services (Ports 80,53,25,22 ...). Yellow: Windows related traffic (Port 135,137,139... ). Green: P2P Traffic/Afterglow (Port 6881,6346,4672... ).

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