Training in Utah this week

qradarI’m in Salt Lake City, Utah this week teaching what is probably going to be my last Q1 Labs QRadar 5.x course. Since I’ve been promoted, the training aspect of my job is something that is going to be taken off my plate due to the time required for both training and leading the Integration Team at Q1.

I must say that the team that I’m teaching is quite sharp, experienced, and obviously well funded based on their infrastructure and ability to track down issues. Another reason I say “well funded” is because I’m in an actual classroom with about 30 workstations for students, a good quality white board, a mobile podium/desk for the instructor computer, and a perfectly placed overhead projector. Typically, while on training assignments, I’m stuffed into a small board room or server room which isn’t always the best environment for training.

Not only is the training facilities nice but the location is amazing. If you’ve never been to Salt Lake City I strongly suggest you go for a vacation. Here is a sample image of the city which is surrounded by mountains.

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