Andrew’s Goals for 2009

Since 2009 is my 30th year on this planet I’ve decided to put “type to blog” (doesn’t have the same ring as “pen to paper”) and list out my goals. I’ve divided my goals into the sections below:


GCWN (April 2009)
Study the SANS Security 505 – Securing Windows course and obtain my GIAC Certified Windows Security Administrator (GCWN) certification.

CISM (June 2009)
Study for and obtain the Certified Information Security Manager® (CISM®) certification.


Lose weight and exercise more (Starting January 2nd)
I start my P90X system in 2009, thanks to Chris Hoff, in the hopes that it gives me the kick in the ass I need to get healthier.

Do Something Cool on my 30th Birthday (February 2009)
That’s right…30th birthday. Thanks to my lovely wife, I’ll be in Dublin drinking a pint of Guinness for my 30th birthday. Not a bad way to spend ones birthday.

Start my Novel (TBD)
I’ve talked to some people about this little project but I think 2009 is the “year of the novel” for me. I need to get these ideas on paper before someone else does.

Pay More Attention to my Wife
This is a perpetual goal and is really number 1 on my list 😉


Blog More (Starting January 2nd)
I have grand plans to start blogging every, or every other, day. Hopefully people see this as a “contribution” and not just rambling 🙂

Webinars (January 2009)
I plan on releasing pre-recorded webinars. This will allow people to learn about some of the security-related topics rattling around in my head without having to attend a conference.

Become More Involved with The Academy (January 2009)
As of January 1st 2009 I become the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at The Academy (in my spare time). The goal is to get the word out about how cool a resource this free online video site can be. I also hope to wrangle in more contributors, sponsors, and vendors to make the site the best resource on the Internet for security professionals.

Attend (at least) One Major Conference
I need to attend at least one major conference in 2009. I consider training conferences to fall into the general conference category. I need to start meeting my colleagues and letting them know who I am.

This is just a short list. I’ll have to revise this at the end of Q1’09.

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