eEye Digital Security Zero-Day Tracker

eyeThe guys at eEye have started a new website that shows great promise: The Zero-Day Tracker

From the eEye blog:

We are pleased to announce the release of eEye Research’s Zero-Day Tracker. This site will help the community keep track of past and present zero-day vulnerabilities in real-time. This isn’t a simple link repository, but instead personalized analysis information from eEye researchers. If something is reported as a non-exploitable bug, we’ll make sure to exhaust the flaw for exploitability, as we have shown with the ASX Playlist and the ADODB.Connection ActiveX zero-day vulnerabilities. We will also always try to do our best to provide recommendations on what users can do to mitigate any zero-day vulnerabilities.

All future critical zero-day vulnerabilities will of course be added to the list, and any past zero-day vulns can also be requested by the community. Simply email us to request some additional zero-day posts, or even if you just have some general questions regarding the site or anything related to eEye Research.

This is a great initiative in my opinion.

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