Hacker Breaks Into Website of Canadian Nuclear Agency

nukeAs reported by the Ottawa Citizen, and numerous other sources, a hacker attacked the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission website, littering it with dozens of photographs of a nuclear explosion and raising concerns about the security of information held by the nuclear watchdog agency.

There is no excuse for any government funded agency in Canada to be susceptible to an attack of this nature. The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) offers training to all levels of government, certifies products, and also conducts research and development on behalf of the Government of Canada in fields related to communications security.

I’ve assisted the CSE during their evaluation of a product and they were very thorough in their evaluation process. Not only do they follow their defined test plan to ensure proper validation, they also create “free form” scenarios in an attempt make the device do something unexpected, like removing key values from configuration files to see what happens.

This attack leads me to believe that the defacement of this website was due to a breakdown in process. The developers of the website, either internal developers or consultants, did not perform adequate validation of their code to ensure security. The project officer who signed off on the completion of the project should ultimately be held responsible for this breach. Part of their project goals should have been a complete inspection of the final product with respect to security using publicly available Government of Canada Publications published by the CSE.

I can’t help but think what a huge problem this breach would have been had this been anything more than a simple website defacement.

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