Learning From Spam?

spam“Do you know that Canada is the World’s Third Largest producer of Diamonds?”

Hmm that’s interesting. I wasn’t aware of that. Please, do go on…

“In fact, Major discoveries in Recent years have made this one of the most Lucrative mining areas in the world.”

Wow makes me feel good to be a Canadian. I wonder what else this informative stranger has to say…

“Utilizing leading-edge geological theories, Kimber Resources (KRXR) has assembled a portfolio of diamond claims in this Highly Prolific region.

Good for them. It’s good to hear about a company doing well this ever changing economic climate.

“Rumors of a major discovery are just hitting the street and giving the issue really nice volume.”

Volume’s good. They always talk about shampoo that adds volume being a good thing.

“This, however, is just the beginning.”

Really? I wonder what’s next? The suspense is killing me!

“Trrading at just over $2, when official news is out we are going to see this gem well up into the $4 range!”

OK I’m sure he meant to type “Trading” but that’s besides the point. This insider information sounds like a goldmine!

— —

Well I’m sure you can sense my sarcasm in this post (I should hope so because I’m laying it on pretty thick). These pump and dump stock spams are really starting to get to me. I don’t understand where these desperate people are that keep these scams alive. Every couple of months I take a look at the Spam Stock Tracker site to see how much the site owner would have lost had he invested in the stock tips he received via email spam.

If you would like to learn more about pump and dump schemes, also known as microcap fraud, please take a look at this excellent page which details the process.

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