News from the Nokia Acquisition by Check Point / Layoffs Announced

It looks as though an undisclosed number of Nokia employees were given notice of their status with Check Point. Some offers were made yesterday to join Check Point but some employees were given their respective walking papers. Insiders say that all Level 2 and Level 3 support folks in the Americas TAC were given an offer to stay on with Check Point but at least one manager has been sent on his way. It is not yet known for sure how many people were not extended that courtesy.

In fact, some employees are really getting the short end of the stick in this whole deal. Declining the Check Point offer means instant resignation and no chance to access the Nokia severance package. “The original statements were that if the job was not comparable or required you to travel more than 50 miles to reach a CP office,” says my source, who agreed to comment provided his identity remain a secret, “you could legally decline the offer and still access the severance package. Sadly, that is not the case for some folks now.”

“It is inevitable that they won’t be able to please everyone,” says my source, “but they don’t seem to be adhering to their own statements about comparable job offers and no interest in relocating people to offices in different states.” My source also comments “people in Mountain View” where all Level 3 engineering support has historically been based, “have been made offers for a position in the Dallas office while others have been made offers that require them to drive more than the 50 mile limit to a CP office.”

As my source put it, this truly is the “end of an era”.

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