Author: Andrew Hay

Transitioning from my CISO role at DataGravity

As of today I’m transitioning out of my CISO role at DataGravity and am on the hunt for a new full-time gig. Though I appreciate your condolences, I see this as a good thing and the transition is an amicable one.


What this really means, however, is that I get to explore exciting opportunities with exciting companies 🙂


Who is looking…

This guy. Many of us have met before but, if you’re like me, you may recognize the face but forget (or have never known) what my work history included.


For some background on my past work experience, please check LinkedIn ( or the press kit section of my blog (

I also have a resume ready to go if you’d like a copy.


What I’m looking for…

A senior leadership role (e.g. Chief Research Officer, Head of Research, VP Research, etc.) in a data-centric security company where I can lead and mentor an existing, or help found, a world-class security research organization.




A senior leadership (e.g. CTO, CISO, CSO, etc.) role in an early-stage security startup where I can contribute to the company’s growth, innovation, product strategy, and market penetration.




A senior leadership (e.g. CISO, CSO, etc.) role in an established company where I can help keep the organization, its employees, and its customers safe and secure through the implementation and management of a measurable information security program.


Where I’m looking…

As my wife has a vested interest (no pun intended) in staying in San Francisco, I cannot relocate at this time. That means any opportunities would have to be in the San Francisco Bay Area or allow me to continue working from home as I do now.


If you’re in the market for a passionate security leader with my experience and qualifications I’d love to hear from you.



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