Cloud Data Snapshot – AWS Gov Cloud App to App Stack

Taking another look at the AWS Gov Cloud data I wanted to see what applications (e.g. nginx, Apache, etc.) and application stacks (e.g. PHP, ASP.NET, etc.) were most commonly used for ports 80/tcp and 8080/tcp. The total number of applications (508) far exceeds the application stack count (121) so after eliminating the servers without an application stack (387) we can see the counts below.

Application Server with Application Stack

app and appstack count
How do these map? The Sankey diagram below shows the most common mapping between applications and application stacks on the AWS Gov Cloud.

Application Server to Application Stack Mapping

My friend Jay Jacobs (@jayjacobs) brought up an interesting idea this afternoon. Why not see what kinds of “popularity contests” exist between applications/application stacks and public/Gov cloud hosting. Maybe I’ll dig into that in the future.

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