Research: Xerox Printers Beaconing Out To The Internet

4896710690_8cf5781412_b-241x300While conducting some research, I happened to notice a rather odd domain name that a particular server was beaconing out to. The domain in question was Initially, I figured that the domain could be malware or phishing related as the likelihood of Xerox Corporation using such a long domain was relatively low. Upon further investigation, the xeroxdiscoverysupernode3 domain wasn’t even registered. Could a piece of malware have been constructed to call out to this specific domain to download additional files? Why wouldn’t the malware author register the domain ahead of time if that was the plan?

As this domain ended in the number 3, I pondered the idea of there being a ’1′, ’2′, or maybe even a ’4′ numbered domain that followed this same pattern. It turned out that xeroxdiscoverysupernode1, xeroxdiscoverysupernode2, and xeroxdiscoverysupernode3 were actively being queried for within the OpenDNS global infrastructure. Not only were the domains being queried, but each was receiving roughly 2,000 queries per hour (as seen below).


The plot thickens…

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Photo Credit: via Compfight cc

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